Indani Interior, offers Made-to-order office furniture, Apartment, Salon, Restaurant, Exhibition, Jakarta, Indonesia

We will create the shop space based on your specific required image. These days, there are many people who are concerned about their office environment. Because the office is the place they spend most of their working life and their working environment can have a huge impact on output and productivity. We can meet any kind of requirement.
New office interiors Currently, many new offices are being opened. We can handle all interior design plans and after a consultation we can help with suggestions specific to your requirements . Our products are all made-to-order; you can choose any color, size and material. We believe you will be satisfied with the price, too. About details?
Renovation of an apartment An apartment changes to varying degrees each time a new owner moves in. There are many cases of complete refurbishment. We can arrange for this with a wide range of prices according to the owner’s request. About details?
The Interior of the store Salon, clinic, or restaurant will be required to be interesting , stylish and functional . To create an aura of its own, lighting is also important, and our design also cannot disregard the store/salon etc… operations. We help the building up your dreams. Of course, you can also choose made-to-order interiors the same as the office. About details?

INDANI Interior
11 May 2011
The British Institute building, Jl.Raya Alternatif KM 1 blok B-C NO9, Cibubur
Jl. Raya Gas Alam No8 Kel. Cimanggis, Depok INDONESIA
TEL : +62-21-5699-8422
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We can consistently handle all production and construction management including made-to-order furniture and interior in general
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